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    Global Megatrends
    Analyzing the evolution of megatrends
    Megatrends Research
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    Game Changers
    Uncovering the rise of game changers
    Foresight Intelligence
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    Megatrends Talks
    Learning to understand megatrends
    Megatrends Education
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    Strategic Futures
    Envisioning the alternative futures
    Futures Studies

Megatrends Watch Institute | MWI

The Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI) is an independent foresight think tank dedicated to the research and study of global megatrends, and their impact on the future. We are constantly analysing and interpreting global megatrends ―from shifting demographics, economic cycles, geopolitical issues, and environmental challenges to scientific advances and technological breakthroughs― with the aim to provide strategic assessments on the present and future state of the world.

Global Megatrends

We provide megatrends research to help organizations identify opportunities and risks.

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Game Changers

We develop strategic foresight to help organizations recognize disruptive game changers.

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Foresight Talks

We organize educational programs to help organizations develop their internal foresight.

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Strategic Futures

We deliver forward thinking to help organizations envision future strategic options.

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Megatrends Watch 2023

We strive to constantly research and understand the evolution of megatrends with the aim of bringing insightful analyses that enable strategic decision-making. Periodically, on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, we elaborate tailored strategic foresight assessments which provide reliable data insights and trends analyses. Currently, we produce global economic and industry outlooks. Please check out the samples below to learn more about our strategic assessments.


Global Megatrends 2050

What will the world be like in the future ?

Humanity has entered in the Anthropocene, an era in which we humans are the primary drivers of environmental change with complex impacts that threaten our society. Global Megatrends 2050 is an undergoing research effort of MWI which seeks to examine and understand the changing global forces impacting our present and future. Within the scope of our research activities, we cooperate with institutions from all over the world and regularly present our findings at international conferences.
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  • Global Population Growth, 1700-2050

    Demographic Megatrends
    The world's population is currently growing
    at a rate of about 80 million people per year.

  • World GDP Growth, 1900-2015

    Economic Megatrends
    The global economy is currently in the midst
    of a 30-year economic super-cycle.

  • World Oil Production, 1900-2015

    Resources Megatrends
    The extraction of many non-renewable resources
    is currently reaching a peak.

  • Global Deforestation, 1800-2015

    Environmental Megatrends
    We are in global ecological overshoot,
    consuming more than the planet can provide.

Study the past, if you would divine the future

Confucius, Chinese Philosopher (551–479 BC)