The Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI) is an independent, private think-tank dedicated to the study and analysis of the global megatrends and its implications for the future. As a think-tank we provide foresight intelligence to organizations —corporations, non-profits, government agencies, and other entities— to strengthen their foresight capabilities and strategic decision-making process.

Our objective is to broaden the decision-making base of organizations by providing a better understanding of how the future may unfold.

Our research methodology is a hybrid model based on quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. Our work uses a wide range of research techniques and foresight practices, which allow us to deliver evidence-based insights and recommendations to support the strategic decision-making process.
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Organizations, corporations and governments cannot respond only when change is already upon them. Their actions must be forward-looking, reaching beyond short-term demands to longer-term impacts.