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Global Megatrends 2050

Global Megatrends 2050 is a multidisciplinary research initiative of the Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI) which aims to study and anticipate the world of tomorrow. Through this research effort, we look forward to assess the future trends and developments that will likely occur and transform the world over the next coming decades. Current and future global megatrends can be traced back to five distinct, yet interrelated, pillars: (1) the rapidly changing demographics, (2) scarcity of natural resources, (3) the emergence of new global economic powers, (4) the exponential technological advancement, and (5) the ever-increasing environmental and climate-change crisis. Our research process is driven by a rigorous analysis of the global megatrends and their potential impacts upon society and the environment.

The world is in a critical juncture, in which the old system of human development is collapsing and a new one is being born.

If we closely scrutinize and understand how these megatrends are reshaping the world of today, we will be able to anticipate the probable course of the future decades, and to adapt our strategies to ensure we meet the demands of a changing and complex world. Mapping the future is a risky undertaking but doing nothing is even riskier. MWI has identified 10 megatrends that will be significantly transforming the global landscape over the next decade.

Top 10 Global Megatrends
Research Updates

Global Megatrends 2050 is an undergoing research project of MWI. The findings of our research are made available, on a yearly basis, to governments, organisations, and the general public through publications and presentations. We have no affiliation or connection with any other entity mentioned or described on our assessment reports. Get notified when the latest edition is available. Please send us an email to the address below with your full contact details (name, company and email) and include "Megatrends 2050" in the subject line.